Calisthenics comes from the words 'Kallos' (beauty) and 'Sthenos' (strength).

Calisthenics is bodyweight training - a combination of strength, power, balance and body awareness - incorporating compound static holds and dynamic movements training the body as a whole.

Calisthenics is all about progress, from a plank to a handstand - no matter what you're currently capable of you can improve - all calisthenics athletes are on their own journey to perfect form.  


There's a difference between weightlifting and lifting weights.

Weightlifting is a sport, comprised of compound functional movements which greatly improve strength, power and coordination.

Learning how to lift correctly will prevent injury, while moving under load supports full body strength. The compound movements in weightlifting are also an effective way to burn calories as calorie expenditure continues for days after training during muscular recovery. 

Strength & Conditioning

Sweat. It. Out.

Strength and conditioning training is implemented by athletes across all sports. Training designed to increasing movement capacity, building strength while improving overall body composition.

Sessions combine functional weight and bodyweight movements along with interval training such as HIIT and Tabata, increasing aerobic output and burning calories.