Established in 2018, IN MOTION was created to maximise movement potential allowing people to increase strength, mobility, co-ordination and confidence.  

IN MOTION is designed to encourage movement - ditching the conventional gym formula: restrictive machines and wall-to-wall treadmills, allowing for a more creative and open space to train.
The studio houses a range of specialised equipment, taking inspiration from different practices - gymnastics to weightlifting, yoga to athletics - creating a space of unlimited potential and variety.



"The human body loves to move, it's what we're designed to do."



Limiting what your body is capable of leads to a decrease in strength, mobility and coordination. In the UK, most adults spend upwards of 7 hours a day sitting down, leading to immobility, lack of foundational strength and poor calorie expenditure. Not limited to physical benefits, moving is fun and can help improve mental health reducing anxiety and depression.
Under the guide of our coaches we want to help you move better – efficiently and safely – move more – increase strength and mobility – and move forward – learning new skills and challenging what you think you’re capable of.