Ask, what can your trainer do for you?

Shopping for a PT isn’t as easy as say, getting a haircut. We all know what a bad haircut looks like (well, most of us do).

A good haircut can be the difference between continuing to see a barber/hairdresser every 4-6 weeks for the rest of your life or wearing a hat everywhere for the next 4-6 weeks.
Now, what do you think is more complex, changing your hairstyle or changing your body?  - not just your body, your eating habits, sleeping pattern, alcohol consumption, knowing whether your hips internally rotate excessively during flexion weaken the structural integrity of your squat?!
I thought so.
Finding a good trainer isn’t as easy walking into a gym and picking what looks good. Personal trainers are usually their own billboards, an example of what they can do with the human form. However, you don’t want a trainer that cares more about themselves than they do about your progress and remember, typically, at the side of every Olympic stage is an out of shape coach cheering on their athlete.
There are many different styles and avenues to pursue in the fitness world. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another and unless your trainer is flexible (mentally) you may find you’re being pushed in the direction that works for them rather than what’s best for you – after all, “personal training” should prioritise individuality. 
So it’s not just about finding a good trainer, it’s about finding the right one. No trainer is practiced in every fitness discipline. It’s important to work together with a trainer to improve weaknesses, build on strengths and work towards YOUR goals – otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money.
A trainer’s role is to educate, not dictate. Most people probably don’t want to spend the rest of their active life paying a trainer to tell them what to do. The best thing a trainer can offer a client is their knowledge and experiences, helping them build confidence through training while understanding the science and method behind the exercise.