If I can describe Mal in three words, it would be passionate, knowledgeable and professional. He lives the life that he preaches, and deeply understands that your fitness plan must be both challenging and fun.

I’ve worked with Mal on-and-off for almost 5 years and what I really like about his workouts is not just that it is tough (which it is!!), but more because I’m constantly learning new skills – whether it's trying to master the muscle-up or improving my one rep max on the overhead snatch!

- Zal

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I've trained with Mal for over three years and I'm in the best shape of my life because of it. Training with Mal I've learned so much about fitness; how to programme training and the importance of nutrition.

Mal is a great coach and gives time to explain why certain things are important rather than simply telling me to do something. Mal even recognised a structure imbalance I have and referred me to an osteopath to help correct it! Highly recommended!

- David


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Mal is an excellent trainer. I quickly benefited from his sessions seeing an increase in strength that I had been unable to achieve on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Mal as his sessions were challenging but still really enjoyable.

He's professional, dedicated and motivating. I highly recommend him whatever your fitness goals, his approach definitely works - I noticed real body changes within 4 weeks.

- Simone

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Mal is a fantastic trainer; sessions are really fun and varied, he ensures you steadily build strength and fitness in a sustainable way. He pushes you to try your hardest but in a supportive and encouraging way. I found that the mix of HIIT training and weights sped up my metabolism and built lean muscle so that I looked really toned - and the effects have lasted! He's a stickler for form so you'll learn to do it safely too! Highly recommended!

- Rachel

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