I have been training with Erica for almost 2 years. She is amazing! She is able it motivate me even when I don’t want to exercise. Before I started training with Erica I barely went to the gym, but now, not only do I go regularly, I also have the confidence and knowledge to know what I’m doing and why it is important.

I have learned so much about exercise and nutrition and my health has never been better! I really look forward to our sessions, to be honest, it’s like hanging out with a friend but at the same time pushing me to my limits which is great! Thanks Erica!

- Samantha

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Erica has been my personal trainer for over 8 months and I have achieved great results in this time! I have a better physique and posture, which I’m really grateful that Erica focuses on as it’s obviously better for my health.

Erica’s session are always fun and I am impressed with the way she adjusts exercises to meet my goals and personal expectation. She really is an amazing trainer!

- Deepak

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I have been training with Erica for the past 18 months. I initially started training as as part of my recovery from a bicycle accident.

At first, I wanted to focus on losing the excess weight I had gained from not being able to cycle and also to strengthen my core, which was weakened after the accident. After achieving that, training developed and led to us working on flexibility and strength which was easier with the reduced body fat.

Erica keeps the sessions interesting and fun while focusing on the key areas that I need to improve on. Erica also provides me with training plans to complete outside of our sessions together, she really supports me and helps me feel fitter.

- Matthew

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I have been training with Erica since April 2017. She has helped transform me into a fitter, stronger and healthier person. From the very beginning Erica listened to my concerns and objectives and based on this, planned a tailored routine for me that was varied, challenging and (most importantly) fun. From squats to walk-out to stretches, she has come up with creative and exciting exercise plans, designed to test my limits and push me to the best of my ability.

Overall, Erica has been my trainer, nutritionist and mentor, all in one! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about her job. I could not have asked for a better trainer!

- Basra

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